She is not barren, she just have a different timing – Poem

This is an African contemporary poem inspired by a true life story (Barren). It narrates the realities of what an African woman faces when conceiving and having a child hasn’t happened to her marriage.

The pressure she stomachs and the restlessness she contained herself with. Every African woman symbolizes strength, they are strong but they can’t be too strong for too long. So, please under all ramifications on African woman deserves peace of mind. This is titled ”Barren”

Agan (Barren)

Yes, she is a woman!

Is that a crime?

She ain’t a proud of not yet

having a child.


She has fasted for forty days 

and forty nights,

She’s not happy, don’t push

her to take her life.

Dear Husband, she is your 


Don’t forget your vow on 

the aisle;

”I’ll love you till death do us apart” 

Anytime she breaks down and cry,

hug and kiss her in the head, tell her;

”We won’t get tired, we’ll fight,

we’ll laugh at last ,

Dear family, don’t give up

on her.

you can’t battle against destiny

What if she is your child? 

Would have your stolen away 

her peace of mind?

She is not barren, she just

have different timing.

Agan ma ronu mo,

Omo nbo

God never had a child but He 

fathered many.

You’re not barren, you’ll be a 

mother eventually.

Gbogbo Agan Afinu soyun, 

won a fi eyin gbe omo pon. Amin


Our Able Poet has made this an unforgettable piece, he’s a well known Art who is good in what he does, with his viability and tranquility in usage of pen to express feelings, he’s surely a rare being of Arts

Poet – Olajire Damilola Muyideen

Popularly known as Smiling Pen 

MAMA AFRICA. Dedicated to every woman out there in the world. Enjoy the read and do kindly help share

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