Serial killings in Port Harcourt continue as another lady found dead

Citizens cries out in Port Harcourt as serial killings on ladies continue 

Its another sad day for the residents of Cross-River (Port Harcourt) as the killings on their ladies continue to befall them.

Another lady was found dead just few hours after the ladies in Port Harcourt mass in troops together for a sensitization rally to create awareness of this so called act by the thirsty serial killers.

Port Harcourt ladies killed by serial killer

She was found dead at Ibinabo Hotel, mercilessly killed and brutalized by the so called serial killers.

It was reported last week how several ladies have been a victim of these serial killers. With the method of been brutalized, it can be regarded as the serial killers work in a team or someone who is a psychopath

Serial killings in Port Harcourt

The citizens continue to cry out to the Rivers State Government and the Nigeria Police to put heads together and stop these killings as its getting more worrisome day by day. 


Nevertheless, we urge the Nigerian Government and its agencies especially the (The Nigeria Police and its related forces) to work immensely to stop the serial killings in Port Harcourt and at full speed to ensure the safety of her people. 

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