Revolution Campaign – The rulers of now need a reality check

RevolutionSignificant signs has been revealing itself regarding the revolution campaign that’s to take place in the country and it is becoming more tense as its awareness continue to increase.

Some citizens continue to ask the questions why the country need a revolution or change of leader or leadership ways. This has been replied and explained by one of the Influencer on the Revolution Campaign Program.

He said…

“I will educate further on the RiseAsOne Campaign. Pay attention. The rulers of now need a reality check. The Revolution is imminent. You can’t mortgage the future of our youth and grandstand. My children and yours MUST never inherit this madness.

You shouldn’t need to be convinced that our Govt operates without limit, grandstanding with the rights to arrest, torture & kill anyone, anywhere with no warrants, no objective trial in violation of due process. Police have been militarized & armed forces have lost their purpose.

We the people are being perceived as the enemy and treated as same by all Govt agencies. When you create a group they tag you terrorist just to justify their violation of your rights. IPOB & Shiites experience are fresh in our minds, it could be you tomorrow.

He continued…

Turning the guns of the state against the people you ought to serve with a reprehensible genocidal evil-spirit is not something that a generation that wish to thrive would normalize. The ignorant desire to exchange freedom for safety often ends with the loss of both.


This is a wake up call for a Change of Mindset. This is not a color parade. It is not about political parties or interest groups. It is about humanity. It is about accountability. It is about putting a premium on the lives of Nigerians. Fundamentally it is about our children.

He further explains why people are scared of the word REVOLUTION

“The word REVOLUTION scares a lot of people. Revolution is very Dangerous in every sense of the word. It is an extreme measure in which in most cases should be avoided. Overturning the existing power structure is something that should be handled with utmost caution.


It is difficult if not impossible to predict the outcome. The option of leaving those in control to remain in control however is even more dangerous. One may ask if we are at that point yet…Can’t the current system be reformed?

Revolution begins when you say NO to those who claim to have power over you and it ends when you accept the new stars quo. A new normal and whether that new normal is an improvement or not. The causes of revolution are numerous in form but there is a common root.

No one is toppling any Government by force or firepower. We won’t even need to burn a single tyre if the strategy is understood. It begins with the change of mindset. It is not about what others will do but what you as a person will do for your loved ones as a Legacy.

He continued…

To say Revolution is impossible in Nigeria is to demonstrate one’s stagnation as indoctrinated by sociopolitical constructs. A change of mindset in your definition of revolution is the first place the work needs to begin. You can’t do much with such chain around your neck.


In the past two decades most of the groundbreaking innovations we have embarked upon were created with the same sentiments of “It can’t be done in Nigeria” but we have proven most critics wrong however striking their arguments were abnitio. Just watch & learn anew.

A common argument against revolution is that it would require a homogenous society, but I dare ask if this suddenly falls from heaven without the efforts of genuine patriots towards unification. The concours revolution paradigm takes care of common grounds.

What next Nigerians?! Are you ready to fight for yourself and your children?

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