Properties vandalized as the called Islamist group (Shites) clashed with Police Officers

Earlier today by 12:00pm, it was brought to the notice of Klassicz Media that an incident occurred at the Federal Capital of Nigeria Abuja, which involves the Nigeria Police force and the so called Islamist group (Shites)

The Islamist group appeared to  protest for the release of their leader who has been in the custody of Government for the past four years but it seem they were all prepared for a violent attack as many of them was seen with cans filled with petrol.

According to an eyewitness, he said…
The shites were all prepared to vandalize properties as they threw their cans filled with petrol immediately they saw Federal Secretariat Emergency Response and Ambulance Bay which is estimated to worth N200m

He said…

“The incident occurred around 12pm when the Shiites embarked on their usual procession.

“When they got to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they were dispersed by the police which had accused them of attempting to attack the ministry.

He continued…

“The equipment damaged cost over N200m. In the whole of Abuja we only have three of such equipment.”

According the information gathered, it is reported one of the Islamist group member met his death during the clash as he was shot by one of the officers when they were set on destroying the emergency bay.

The protests had been peaceful for over two years but recently turned violent when the Shiites had a violent protest at the National Assembly  a week ago which led to the death of two of their members while security agents were also injured.

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