Poem – Is it truly a man’s world? Or a woman’s, disguised to….

“is it truly a man’s world” Here we are today to share you a good piece from one of our poets, a poem with the title “is it truly a man’s…

This is one of the best piece you would ever come across regarding a Man’s World. One of our able Poet has pen down his feelings regarding the dispute of who deserves the utmost care between a Man or Woman. Most people or Feminine out there believes females are not well taken care of in some aspects and disregard what men do.

Enjoy the piece below..

A man’s world

They say it’s a man’s world
But really, is it?
Let me tell a quick tale
From which we’ll answer this “is it”

Tale of a father
Whose sojourn takes beyond yonder
Not because he loves to wander
But to save his family from hunger

He’s always busy with little time to spare
So far the kids, he is rarely there
To sons and daughters, daddy doesn’t care
But more than this life, he thinks them so dear

Daddy, I really need new the 4-five
But he has just 4k after settling mum with 6-five
He leaves telling you to manage this 3-five
But mum beckons to give you 1-five, “keep the five”
Oh mum, I love you more than life

We love our mums cos she’s always present
But dad’s absence and toils made her present
It’s only mum who give us presents
Yes, but it’s mostly from papa’s cents

So tell me….., is it?
Is it truly a man’s world?
Or a woman’s, disguised to please men.

This is definitely a good piece from one of our poets. He has expressed so well on how most people disregard the actions and sacrifices done by men and how so well all these sacrifices are being done.

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