Poem; Humans with Tribal marks aren’t Devils, Its Tribal Marks not Devil Marks

Humans with Tribal marks aren’t Devils, Its Tribal Marks not Devil Marks

This poem is an African story of those with tribal marks and a man who finds beauty behind those marks.

It describes how Tribal marks in a face shouldn’t be seen as something bad or something to see as what nullify someone’s beauty. It should be regardless as something worth having and what beautifies the face.

It also explain why humans shouldn’t discriminate those with Tribal marks as its not a Devil mark, but Tribal mark.

The beauty of of this poem is backed and inspired by a Beauty Miss Adetutu who is blessed with a Tribal Mark, most people do call her the African Beauty as her Tribal mark is so attractive, pleasing and dainty.

Enjoy the read below


I love it when you laugh and smile,

At the same time, in my

delight I get sad.

Because I wish I could be the only

man while other men are animals.

Àdùké, you’re so beautiful

with those marks.

Don’t be bothered about the city girls,

you got tribal marks, not devil marks.

When you laugh, I see a Rihanna,

when you now decide to keep it

low I see a Michelle Obama.

Àdùké Onídìrí, follow me to the city,

I’ll open a fashion hub for you

at the riverside of lekki

Eni bíi Okàn mi, please help

patch my broken ribs

Àdùké èmi owon,

When we’ve a daughter, we’ll

name her Arewà èkó (Lagos)

with your hands on her hair,

Beautifulness will be a course

in the University.

Àdùké, dùké

Shake those beads on your waist

for me and let’s dance to Àpàlà

Like Sanyerì Okolà.


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