Obasanjo writes open letter to President Buhari – You will be responsible for the ship you are sailing

Olusegun Obasanjo who was once a president of Nigeria has call out to President Muhammad Buhari in an open letter regarding the issues befalling the country

He has expressed his feelings on how the issue affecting the country seems to be aggravating day by day.
According to the information gathered from the speech, he expressed deeply how the ship the president has been sailing i.e Nigeria has been grievously attacked by the so called Islamist group (Boko Haram), how the group have been brutalising the citizens of the country, either by raping, killing, burning of properties and so many more.

He also expressed how there’s still high negligence to the rate of unemployment in the country which is close to 70% and also the level of literacy in North-East of the Country.

He continued with the expression of how the Herdsmen have also brutalized so many citizens either by form of kidnapping, killing, banditry, robbing and so many more. He capitalised this statement by accusing the Government of tackling the issue with cuddling love rather a form of enforcement should be used in order to realize the safety of citizens.

The former President believe all these activities are solemnly because of the lack in management and ability to diversify.

He continued

Counter measures need to be act upon regarding these issues with immediate effect as it is already out of hand, he explains how the situation of the country could lead to outcome of what happened to a neighborhood country Yugoslavia and of which he prays not.

He has urged the president to request for assistance from necessary body to be able to tackle all these issues and also urge the inclusion of prayers to tackle it all (economic, political, psychological, military) as any outcome of this will be directed to the president as the one responsible for it all.

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