Niniola Talks Gender & Growth In The Nigerian Music Industry On Allure

Niniola Talks Gender & Growth In The Nigerian Music Industry On Allure

Nigerian Afro house singer, Niniola Apata is the cover of Vanguard Allure’s July edition released Sunday, July 1st where she talked about her journey in the Nigerian music industry starting from MTN Project Fame not knowing anything and learning through the process that successfully made her a nominee at the BET Awards that took place on the 24th of June 2018.
In this interview, the Maradona singer talked about how gender has not played a role in where she has gotten to presently in the music industry, stating that she didn’t come into the game as a woman, instead she came in as a singer and through hardwork she has gotten to where she is. She said;

Speaking for myself, I’ll say hard work has helped me grow the way I’ve grown. When I was coming into the industry I told myself that “Niniola, you’re coming to do music and quality music and I told myself I wasn’t going to see the work as gender-based and I’m going to come and excel. I said I was going to come and do dance music and my song will get into the club and with God’s grace, hard work and perseverance plus my team and if that has worked for me so far, it just goes to show that hard work pays at the end of the day. So it’s not about gender.

She also spoke about her Adopt A Child foundation which is her own way of stepping into her late father’s shoes, a man who was an advocate of standard education for every child;
Adopt a child is my foundation that was borne out of the fact that I wanted to step into the philanthropic shoes of my dad. When he was alive he loved to give free education because he believed in helping children. So I decided to go back to my hood in Isolo, Irakare Estate and I went to about six public schools, asked for their top five students, they sat for an exam and I picked the top two, thankfully it was a boy and a girl so there was no issue of gender. I put them in school and gave them a six-year high school scholarship which includes tuition, uniform and books. This happened three years ago and they’re in JS3 three right now. I can’t wait to see them finish that as I will not be abandoning them a hus I plan to see them further their education but that’s not the only kind of educational assistant we give. I give out books, Jamb form to kids that cannot afford it and as time goes on things will get bigger and better

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