Majority would go for your service (GLO) but no reliable network


Majority would go for your service (GLO NETWORK) but no reliable network carrier

Nigerians reacts on their opinion in regards to Network Career service in the Country, as we all know there are quite some network carrier in the country with tight and stiff competition

There is MTN which is owned by a South African, most used and recommended by people due to their good standard of Carrier and there is  GLO, AIRTEL and also 9MOBILE previously known as (ETISALAT).


Nigerians have called upon the management of GLO MOBILE to up their service in relation to their shortcomings (slow or sluggish movement of their career). Most Nigerians believe its high time the board of GLO MOBILE step up their game to take over their long term rival in the Network Carrier race (MTN).

According to a user, he said…

Nigerians reacts to inefficiency of Glo Network Carrier

“@GlobacomNigeria Are quite terrible. Just a few places. You’ll buy 5GB for one month you’ll be begging them to use 500MB b4 it expires. The data goes off and comes one at will or when you’re asleep. Calls are exorvlbitant. Unclear channels, just name it. I have a SIM sha”

Another user said…

“I’m on Glo network.
It took me 15mins to open this tweet.
It’s not like we don’t support our own, it’s because our own is sugarcoated with mediocrity”.

With all these pointed complains at the management, another use has urged the management to try as much to improve their efficiency and definitely with improvement on this, Nigerians will surely support it fully.

He said…

Nigerians react to inefficiency on Glo Network

…”90% of Nigerians should have a Glo SIM and use them for data and calls. That’s what I respect the Chinese for. They support their own. But then again, the guys at Glo need to focus less on Marketing, and invest more in upgrading their network. I don’t have a Glo sim too anyway”.

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