Foundation saves abandoned kid labeled as witch by parents

Today, we will be sharing to our beautiful viewers a huge transformation of a young kid who was saved by a Humanity Foundation from the road side

His name is Hope, a kid who was abandoned by his parents whose believe is that the kid is a witch, this made the parents to decide on abandoning the young kid at a young age which he needs the utmost care of his life. This kid was saved by a Foundation team led by a Lady with the name Anja Ringrenn Lovén “African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation”. The team saved him with the fear of uncertainty regarding the child health but with the help of God, their belief and strong will to help out, the child has gone through a huge transformation.

According to their facebook page…

“This was our scariest rescue mission. At rescue, we had very little believe of Hope surviving.
He had been branded a witch and abandone by the parent for months at his early age he should be breastfeeding.

How Hope survived by the road side alone at such age remains a surprised to us till date.

Child witch branding and stigmatization has bee a big problem in Nigeria. Many children have been accused, tortured and even killed as a result.
Poverty, lack of education, and wrong religious beliefs (Superstition) remains the major causes of this ill trend.
As an organisation, we are determined to fight it and have children free from all forms abuse.

For Hope, it’s been a new world for the past three years with us. Hope remains a happy boy, going to school and feeling love and care every day”

People have been asking to see how #Hope is growing
So we made this shot of him leaving for school this morning

Many people do not believe that the boy on the first photo is the same boy on the others.
No doubt, his growth also baffles us

When we rescued him, we never believed he will survived.
Our only reason to continue with his rescue was to give him the last treat and love before he dies.

But today, #Hope did not just get a last treat, but he survived, he’s one of the strongest in our children Center.

This is one of the best thing you will ever find on the internet as best of Mankind, we say a huge thanks to Miss Anjara and her team for a great well job done to humanity.

To see more of their works, you can visit their website and follow them on their social media for updates

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Social Handle – AcaedfNG

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