Don Jazzy to a Twitter user – I Could have helped you out but your bio…

Earlier today, Don jazzy promised to give out a sum of 50,000 to some set of people who will explain what he/she wants to do with the amount, one of the twitter users commented and this has been the subject of the day

The fellow twitter user express how he wants to use this amount to get a sewing machine to advance himself on learning his tailoring job and he would be grateful if the artist could help him out.

Unfortunately for the User, Don Jazzy declined and rejected this but the reason was of superb reason which caught the interest of fellow users.

Don Jazzy said he could have been much of help to the man but he can’t due to his bio on social Media accounts as his bio didn’t indicate he’s into anything as claimed

This is a great lesson to everyone and to the youths to be candid

Social Media are not only meant for getting updates on different stuffs, or showing off, it can also be tailored to sell oneself

Sell yourself with your bio, posts and comments, let people see who you really are, let it reflect from your comments and reaction to posts.

And also to those seeking for employment and such,

You can’t expect an Employer to employ someone who only comments on phases when an individual posts sexual images, videos or savage replies
Engage in more education sections!

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