Do rich people also get depressed” ? Check and see various comments on the word Depression

Do rich people also get depressed” ? Check and see various comments on the word Depression

Today’s Klassicz Media gist is all about the word “Depression”. Recently Depression has been a huge reason why death has increased on daily aspects, with this issue being rampant, a voluntary organization with the name Queen’s Liberty Foundation has brought up the issue among her members to discuss on causes and other things related to it.

Below are the various views on the word Depression

Firstly, What do we understand by depression?

  • Anonymous 1- Depression is for the week, it doesn’t worth the vibe we give it, its the height of sadness and lost of hope.
  • Anon 2- Depression is an unstable state of the mind, emotional instability and being psychologically disturbed.

Anon 3– I think depression is something else entirely, it is the fear of the unseen, when one is afraid of what the future holds, when one is afraid he or she won’t repay his/her parents effort, when one is afraid he/she won’t become what he/she wishes to be. These fears makes someone empty and makes one loose sight of what the future really holds…

  • Anon 4 explained and believe Depression is all about loss of which Loss could be anything, she explained that before one can understand the word depression, one has to understand the word “Loss” as it centers  all the situation that’s related to depression.
    While explaining the reason why Loss centers all the reason for Depression by Anon 4, Anon 3 countered and explained why Depression isn’t just when someone loose something, but rather when one is overwhelmed with the fear of loosing something.

This led to another question which is ” Do rich people also get depressed” ?

An Anon replied, Yes!, they do get depressed

And the reason is, they also lose hope on some particular stuffs, such as member of family who is irresponsible or due to work related issues, loss of someone importantly, break-ups etc…

He continued, Depression is not only about being poor or in poverty, someone might be depressed when hope is lost and not only that, depression comes from the mind, someone may not know the end result of why being depressed and still be depressed.

Another question on the word Depression is ” What could lead to depression”

Different answers from the different people

  • Anon 4 replied
    Obsession and being engrossed to something can lead to it.
  • Anon 5 replied…
    Seclusion, Inferiority complex or inability to match the pressure of growing older.
  • Anon 6 replied...
    Fear, inability to meet others expectations, failure, and most importantly discrimination.
  • Anon 7 replied…
    Fear, grief, scolding oneself too much.
  • Anon 8…
    Addiction, low self-esteem, abuse- sexual and nonsexual.
  • Anon 9…
    There’s no single cause for depression, it can occur for a variety of reasons and it has many different triggers. For some its an upsetting, while some its a stressful life event, such as bereavement, divorce, illness, redundancy, job loss, and money worries can be the cause.
  • Anon 10...
    Depression is most often caused by failure to meet ones expectation

Anon 7 countered and asked
Why should one want to live up to someone’s expectation

Anon 10 replied
Its not necessarily about peoples expectation, it can be ones set goals, such will definitely bring about having low self esteem about oneself.

Another question erupted which was ” what signs should one watch out for in a depressed person” 

  • Anon 8- Loneliness, and keeping to themselves
  • Anon 10– Loneliness, and one should take note of what most people joke with, because i believe in a joke, there will be a lot of seriousness in it.
  • Anon 2– making other people happy. Yes! , too much happiness is also a sign of depression. Talking about the hereafter, I’m not saying its bad to talk about it but someone passing through trying times will surely over do them.
    Anon 6 countered
    Happiness?, I’m always happy, does that mean I’m depressed?

Hmmmmm, maybe- Anon 3 replied

I know what I’m saying, and i know you all understand too. The happiness i meant is used for covering up, most especially those that have make up their minds to commit suicide, they will never want anyone to meddle in their decision. Anon 2 replied

So, what measures should be taken when notice someone is depressed?

  • Anon 6-
    Being intimate with the person, inspiring the person, making sure him/her view life in another perspective.
  • Anon 10-
    You offer such person various means to die. And reason why he/she needs to live. Afterwards, one can tell him/her to choose any of his/her choice, but still check on the person to avoid suicide.

So, how do one prevent Depression?

  • Anon 11-
    It burns down to appreciating the value of life, allowing your present situation(s) to control you. it is important to note that ones inability to take a step at a particular time doesn’t mean that step cannot be taken again. Yorubas will say “ti esin ba da ni dubule a tun gun ni”. This an old proverb, which shows nothing is new in this world. looking around us is enough for us to be pleased with any situation we find ourselves. There are many people facing terrible situations far worst than us. Should we now hands up and allow the situation to control us? No!!! Most depressed people result to death, but one has to understand that death is not the end of our journey, in fact it’s the beginning of another journey and once we know this, why rushing to start another journey, which you don’t even know what awaits you.

Another question is, ” what are the societal effects of depression”

  • Anon 6 answered
    Discrimination from people, being bullied by others.
  • Anon 10…
    An inferiority complex consist of lack of self esteem, a doubt and uncertainty about oneself and feelings of not measuring up to standards in the society.

While on this, some people believe Religion should be ruled out in terms of depression, while some oppose the motion.

  • Anon 11 believe
    We can’t rule out religion if we want to tame depression. In fact it’s the best instrument. Religion makes us to understand that there are trial period(s) in one’s life and no matter how serious such period is, it will end. Also suicide, following religion will help to discourage such act. Each religion speaks against it, and once people know it’s not an option it will help a lot. Thanks

To round it up, Anon 3 provided a poem to share his thoughts which goes thus


Like that guy that jumped in the river
Or the one that stabbed his liver
I am depressed too

Like that girl that hanged her self
Leaving a letter on her shelf
I am depressed too

Like that guy that is always alone
Looking for someone to clone
I am depressed too

Like that girl that feels empty
And her thoughts are weighty
I am depressed too

Like that guy that smokes a lot of weed
And that young girl that just had a bastard kid
Am depressed too

Like that soldier that lost his dignity
Like a king struck with calamity
Am depressed too

But I put on a smile everyday
Afraid what people might say
I fight my demons myself
With a pen and paper on my shelf

I write to give hope to the oppressed
And to empower the depressed
But still I drown in my own river
As depression eats deep in my liver.

Klassicz Media hope all these conversation should be able to change so many minds out there going through any sort of depression and find a way to be stronger than what life throws at someone.

Thank you!

This conversation is sponsored by the Queen’s Liberty Foundation.

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