The poet speaks out: but it does not need to always be sober or tragic; poetry sometimes are uplifting, enlightening or funny. Poets have different ways of reaching out to the world and one of our amiable writers has done that by penning down a lot of tragical and fascinating moments to a book. He named this book out of love and affection “Love, Society and a Walk to the end”.

You want to see how fascinating the contents in the book are? Okay, let’s get started…

This is one of the content in the book which express a suicide thought


The pain suffocate me and run through my veins
Crushed are my eyes out of stream of tears
I suffer! I suffer! I scream to myself
But it’s the thought of mine not someone else

“How do I go?” is a decision for me to make
To cut my wrist or poison will set my heart ablaze
The pain of how to go is what I’m worried about
But death is certain of which there is no doubt

I see! I see! They have come for my soul
White garments, flappy wings in my head which I loath
To them I give myself of whom that I despise
I’ve hated my being since I took the first breathe of life
Is this not the easiest way to…..


Amazing right? Then you really have not read anything compared to what’s inside the book, so full of amazement, bewilderment, Astonishment and shocking contents.

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© Teslim Bello (2019, Published)