An interview with the King of new school Afro pop “Michael Brain”

The Klassicz team had the opportunity to have an upclose interview with emerging act “Michael Brain”. Here are some excerpts from the interview on his Personal Life and Music.

Hello, pls can we meet you ?

Michael Brain : My name is Michael Brain Ijalana

How did you get your stage name

Michael Brain: My stage name Micheal Brain originated from my name and the way I think, Micheal is my birthname and Brain came from the way I think and write my music.

What genre of Music do you do?

Michael Brain: My genre of music is Afro Pop, but sometimes I make music from other genres, it all depends on the mood and the sound I hear.


Can you tell us your educational background?

Michael Brain: I had my Junior secondary school education at Osbough College and my senior secondary education at Taidob College and then I went for my B.Tech programmer in Architecture at Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA)

How do you get inspired to write your songs?

Michael Brain: I get inspired by life experiences, phases I have been through both the good and the bad and sometimes I write about my environment or things I feel will happen.

What’s your childhood dream?

Michael Brain: As a child, I wanted to study genetics or just go into advanced science because I love fiction science a lot

What’s the most embarrassing moment in your career?

Michael Brain: That definitely will be when I went to a show and the show was cancelled, I was really hurt because I really took my time to rehearse because I want to wow the crowd..


What’s your most memorable moment so far?

Michael Brain: That was the first time I made money from music, when I was paid for working on a lyrics for a big brand.. I was extremely happy

Who are your greatest music influences?

Michael Brain: I will just say God because he is the source. He gave me this gift

Which Artiste(s) would you love to work with?

Michael Brain: I will really love to work with Vector because I love his new approach to music

Who is your Mentor

Michael Brain: I will definitely say God because, he is the only one who hasn’t failed me.

If you weren’t doing Music, what will you be doing ?

Michael Brain: If I wasn’t doing music, I will be in the Entertainment industry because it gives me the inner peace I seek.

Where do yo see yourself in the next 5 years?

Michael Brain: I see myself healing souls through music on the global stage

What are your social media handles:

Micheal Brain: @iammichaelbrain on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook Fanpage







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