A SARS official allegedly shot a yet unidentified local cleaner in lagos

Undeserved Death of citizens continue to erupt out from the hands of SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) in Nigeria.

Its of notice to our management that some SARS officers went on a raid and a yet to identified young man who works as a local cleaner has lost his life after a stray bullet hit him.

This scenario occurred in lagos, Palmgroove, Ajisegiri street earlier this morning Monday July 5th

According to a source who claimed to witness all scenario, he said
The SARS officers engaged in some hot misunderstanding with some cannabis smokers around the area, the argument led to the officers chasing the smokers which resulted to the shot of stray bullets, unfortunately, the bullet hit the young man who does sweeping and cleaning of toilets, dirts etc… Most are popularly known as Local Cleaners.

Its a sad experience as the young man lost his life instantly after the shot. It was of notice the SARS officers left the environment immediately after the incident happened.

Several complaints have been laid by citizens over different issues caused by the SARS officers.
The question still remains the same, until when will such issue like untimely death will be caused by these so called officers

A young man who left home seeking for what to eat by doing such local works has met his death due to the immaturity and lack of profession from someone who’s meant to protect him.

Until when?

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